Pedal Board Patch

Pedal Board Patch

                          Custom Made for the Discriminating Musician.

  The Pedal Board Patch © 

Make your life easier every time you connect your pedal board
to your amplifier and rid yourself of the cabling mess at your feet!



What is the Pedal Board Patch ?

The Pedal Board Patch is a central patch module for connecting your pedal board to your amplifier; making set ups fast and hassle free. Finally, a cure to deliver power and all other necessary audio connections to your board and amp just the way you want it. Route your effects to this unit permanently. Then, when you open your pedal board all you have to do is connect your amplifier cables to the top of the patch unit and your done with your signal chains.

 The Pedal Board Patch incorporates an AC on/off power interruption switch with five “point-to-point”, 1/4” TRS connections, for the flexibility you want. Do you leave your rig set up ?  Flip the power switch and kill the power to your pedal board and walk away! Break the constant habit of plugging and unplugging from your pedals. The illustration shows just one of the many possible uses of the Pedal Board Patch.

Use balanced (Tip - Ring - Sleeve) or Regular Instrument cables (Tip - Sleeve)

Use the cables you have!;  bundle them together how you like, no expensive custom snake or cable adapters to buy.

Why the Pedal Board Patch

After many years and many pedalboards I got tired of all the connection problems with hooking up my board. Some pedals go through the effects loop and some to the front. Plugging and Un-Plugging from pedals while cramped together. Doing  this in dim lighting in bars and nightclubs. I wanted to make my setup easier and at one central location on my pedalboard. I searched and could not find what I was looking for. After a few prototypes I came up with The Pedal Board Patch.  It worked out great, made my life easier. Then a few request came to make others.  One thing led to another and Now I am offering it to the public.

As a gigging musician I can testify to how simple and hassle free this unit has made my set up time and tear down time, unplug, wrap my snake and throw the lid on my pedal board and I'm done. When my rig is set up at practice and we finish, I flip the switch on the top and kill the power to my power supply for the pedals and walk away. It's also a great central connection point to trouble shoot issues with your signal chain or experiment moving pedals around in your chain to see what works best and where. Connect your power from your pedal board to the same AC at the back line with your amplifier and take advantage of star grounding.  I am very picky about my sound and have found no audible loss of tone or added noise with the Pedal Board Patch.  

Pedal Board Patch PB-5 Specifications

  • Configurable IEC power plug included. 
  • Dimensions: 6" (W) X 3 1/4" (D) X 2" (H)
  • All audio connections are hand soldered point to point.
  • Easy to read screenprinted & Powder coated 18 gauge HEAVY steel housing.
  • Flexibility -use the connections for your needs & position the unit where you want it.
  • 5 - Isolated TRS connections.
  • "True Stereo" capabilities!

Customer Comments and Feedback

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